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Student-Athlete College Recruiting Solution

What's Included:

  • Customized individual DISC Enhanced Profile™
  • DISC Behavior Assessment with full DISC Behavioral Report for coaches
  • Feature story write-up

A comprehensive write up about the student-athlete that includes brief history, accomplishments, highlights, goals, and quotes from current/past coaches. Can also include an optional highlight video.

  • Feature story press release to ABC, CBS, NBC & FOX

  • Feature story social media blast that reaches 1000’s
  • Copy of our book, the complete DIY “College Athletic Recruiting Guide”
  • Access to our Elite College Match Program™ through your counselor

Connect with college coaches that match your sport, academic and college major profile with access to over 20,000 college coaches, their phone and email and information about each matching college. Our Elite College Match Program™ will help you shortcut the tedious process of finding the right colleges that match your profile!

  • Access to our Online College Recruiting Guides
  • Access to our Online Recruiting 101 Series
  • Initial consultation with your personal recruiting counselor
  • Unlimited sessions with your college counselor (player and parents)

Unlimited recruiting consultations, available 7 days a week; create a customized recruiting plan and identify target schools; assistance in creating resume and communicating with coaches; help manage the process with assigned tasks and accountability; contact college coaches on the athletes behalf and more.


one-time pay


per month for 6 months


Our College Recruiting solution is an amazing investment in your son or daughter and their future. This is ONLY for the high-achieving student-athlete with serious athletic and/or academic goals. Parents of the student-athlete have an EJP counselor who can assist your son/daughter in mentoring and coaching them in all facets of their mindset, physical fitness, academics, character and personal development along with assisting in recruiting efforts, advice on the youth, juniors and college recruiting process and provide insights and strategies on how to position your student-athlete in the best way to market themselves to prospective scouts and coaches at the next level they are looking to get to. Your student-athlete’s profile will be strategically and dramatically enhanced in every possible way and their counselor will be their along the way to make introductions and strategic connections.

Unparalleled College Recruiting Solution

What We Do

We offer a full service program that includes all aspects of college athletic recruiting process. We help you to navigate this important journey. We have plans and options to meet the specific needs and budgets for all.

Scouting Evaluation

A college-level coach will evaluate your film and give honest and detailed feedback on your projected level of play. Our non-biased blind evaluation process ensures you target the right schools based on your athletic and academic profile.


We can create professional highlight videos to showcase your ability to college coaches. Our video services are produced to meet today’s changing recruiting landscape. Highlight videos are optional at $450 each and can be purchased above.

Elite College Match Program™

Our exclusive Elite College Match Program™ matches your abilities and evaluation with potential schools that match your preferences and abilities. This connects you with great schools you may not know and ensures you focus on the schools that fit you best

Unlimited Counseling Sessions

Throughout your high school career we will guide you through the recruiting process acting as your consultant on your behalf with your best interests in mind. Consultation includes assistance in financial aid, NCAA rules, and unlimited access to your personal College Recruiting Counselor.

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